On rhododendron hybridization

Crosses 2014 - part 2

The previous pollinations of Weissenburg seem to have taken well as the pollinated flowers have started to shed petals quickly. I pollinated this one with two more hardy Finnish cultivars: Mikkeli (a smirnovii hybrid) and Kuutamo, a pale yellow-flowered bvtaureum hybrid soon to be released as 'Alli'. Another of my purchases this Spring is the famous Lem's Monarch. It is not going to be hardy here (hardiness estimated to only about -21C), but I bought it for crosses only. The reasons for choosing LM (apart from its excellent track record as a parent) are that it is said to be very large flowered (>10cm individual flowers in very large trusses) and that it is a known tetraploid. There are not too many confirmed tetraploid elepidotes easily available in Europe. Tetraploidy is desirable as for my interest to produce new azaleodendrons, i.e. hybrids of evergreen lepidotes and deciduous azaleas. I intend to pollinate LM with the tetraploid R. luteum and perhaps some tetraploid cultivars like Mandarin lights. I'm sure some have tried this combination and it may not be easy, but with some luck I believe a fertile azaleodendron could eventually be bred. R. luteum would incorporate two very desirable characteristics: intensive yellow colour so difficult to achieve by just crossbreeding elepidotes and, equally importantly, strong fragrance. LM started to open it's first flowers and for now I pollinated it with Mikkeli and Haaga. More next weekend. I have pollen of Cherry Cheesecake, an induced tetraploid version of Hachmann's Charmant. It is said to be relatively hardy, so I may try it on LM, too.

Other than that, I'm really looking forward to the first flowering ever of my own elepidote cross! It is September Flair X P.M.A. Tigerstedt, from 2008. I have 6 or 7 survising plant from this cross growing around the property, but so far only this individual has two fat flower buds. In the best case this will have yellow flowers. I'm prepared to pollinate this F1 plant with another F1 plant that I got as a gift from another amateur breeder in Finland: R. dicroanthum 'Böhmen' X bvt. So, it will be 'putative yellow' X 'putative yellow'. My first F2 cross ever!     

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Olli Wuokko | Vastaa 08.10.2014 22.19

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Tuli mieleen että Kaisaniemessä kasvaa polyploidiversio Cunningham's Whitestä, sen pölyä kannattaisi käyttää jossain yhteydessä.

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